Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am you

I've often been told I should write, or I should blog. I've often thought I should, as well.  What held me back was that most of what I had to say was guaranteed to offend someone: spouse, relative, friend.  I wanted to be able to write honestly without hurting feelings.

A few women I admire (you can find some of their blogs over there -->) and a Very Good Friend inspired me to go ahead and do it. And so here I am.  I don't promise to write every day.  I will probably write when I'm angry, when I'm frustrated or when something strikes me as odd or funny.  I will probably piss you off some of the time. I will write anonymously, because who I am matters much less than the experiences I have, experiences that are probably very similar to yours.

I am not a stay-at-home-mom.  I work full-time and I love what I do.  I often think I was not cut out for parenthood, but I'm told that's not uncommon. I have very strong opinions, and struggle to regulate when and with whom I share them. This will be the place where I don't have to regulate quite so much.

If you choose to come along, welcome. Buckle up. It could be a wild ride.

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