Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Saturday in July...

<This is not my story - it was shared with me by a member of MWDAS, and I have permission to publish it>
I ran away from home today. Truly, I did, and I am proud of it.  It apparently did the trick, got the message across, worked wonders.

My house was clean for the entire time DH was gone on his business trip. Now, I'm not gonna go so far as to say it was so clean my mother-in-law could've shown up unannounced and I'd've been okay with it. But the first floor clutter was under control, the kitchen didn't look like something from a crack whore's apartment and the floors were clean. Second floor was...tolerable. With DH gone for a week, I had put away the cursed-and-blasted ironing board that he leaves up because he irons every morning, so the loft felt a bit less cluttered and claustrophobic. 

Men and Children

<Caveat: You'll find that the behaviour of men both frustrates and confuses me.>

DH is home today. There were a couple around-the-house things to get done, but I considered it highly likely he wouldn't remember (read: think) to do them, as they'd been discussed over the prior weekend. So today, I sent a little reminder. What I got in return was, I think, typical of most men (and for any males reading this who disagree, note that I use the term "most"...not "all").  It was a complete and detailed listing of all the things he did around the house.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am you

I've often been told I should write, or I should blog. I've often thought I should, as well.  What held me back was that most of what I had to say was guaranteed to offend someone: spouse, relative, friend.  I wanted to be able to write honestly without hurting feelings.

A few women I admire (you can find some of their blogs over there -->) and a Very Good Friend inspired me to go ahead and do it. And so here I am.  I don't promise to write every day.  I will probably write when I'm angry, when I'm frustrated or when something strikes me as odd or funny.  I will probably piss you off some of the time. I will write anonymously, because who I am matters much less than the experiences I have, experiences that are probably very similar to yours.

I am not a stay-at-home-mom.  I work full-time and I love what I do.  I often think I was not cut out for parenthood, but I'm told that's not uncommon. I have very strong opinions, and struggle to regulate when and with whom I share them. This will be the place where I don't have to regulate quite so much.

If you choose to come along, welcome. Buckle up. It could be a wild ride.